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Jan 28, 2021

What goes up ...

…doesn’t always come down.

There’s that old saying about the only two “sure things” in life being death and taxes. Well, another sure thing you can take to the bank is the fact that FedEx will raise their rates every year. If you’ve been shipping for more than two years, you are probably well aware.  If 2019 was your first year to deal regularly with FedEx, then this may come as an unwelcome surprise. 

Every January, FedEx raises their base shipping rate by an average of 5%. This year, it was 4.9%. This means that a $100 package in 2019 will now cost $104.90. If you ship that same package through SYR or SYA with our base discount rate of 30%, that $70 package will now cost $73.43.

It just so happens that UPS raises their rates by the exact same percentage each year. Funny how that works. 

In addition to the increase in base shipping cost, a multitude of fees and surcharges also go up. 

Here is a list of the new 2020 prices on the most common charges our customers might encounter on Express shipments: 

• Residential Delivery - $4.65            

 Delivery Area Surcharge - $4.40

 Extended Delivery Area - $5.40

 Address Correction - $17.00

 Alaska Surcharge - $29

 Oversized Shipment - $100                    

Click here for a full list of curent FedEx surcharges.

Please be aware that these price increases affect everyone who ships. Your business isn’t being singled out and they don’t put you at a greater disadvantage than any other shipper out there. 

Here at All Pro Shipping, we’ll continue to do all we can to meet the unique needs of your particular business.

We’ll work with you to dial in the best rates possible based on your shipping volume and business needs, as well as offering strategies and marketing techniques to help deal with the ever-rising cost of shipping.