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Sep 3, 2019

Service or Support? More than Mere Semantics

What’s the difference between Customer Service and Customer Support? 

Most businesses offer some level of Customer Service. If you have a problem with their product or their website interface, or other typical issues, you can contact them and someone within their business will help you solve that problem. 

The better the business, the more thorough and personal their Customer Service will be. 

But what about Customer Support?

Isn’t that the same thing? Not the way we see it. 

We believe in supporting our customers, helping them to not only sustain a successful business, but to build and grow as well. We offer more to our customers than the simple services that are expected of all businesses. 

When you do business with ShipYourReptiles or ShipYourAquatics, you’re not only getting great service…you’re supporting your own business as well. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again because it’s true: Your success is our success! And because of this, we’ll do everything in our power to support your success. 

So what do you get beyond our 5-Star Customer Service? 

Newsletters with informative articles that help save you money, pack your animals safely, and offer great advice on growing your business beyond just shipping. 

Deep financial support of USARK—a critical entity that ensures all of our businesses stay legal and viable. 

Insurance programs that fill in the gaping holes left by FedEx exemptions on live shipments. When used properly, this insurance can save you money and sometimes even save your business!

You get a staff that cares deeply about the health and well-being of your animals. When you ship with us, we’ll go above and beyond whenever necessary, doing all we can humanly do to ensure the safe delivery of your live shipments. 

We don’t just offer Customer Service because it’s expected of us. We offer a cornucopia of Customer Support, because we care about YOU and the success of your business!