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Aquatics kit 1 pack deal 6
  • Aquatics kit 1 pack deal 6

No. 3 Aquatic Shipping Kit

Item #SYASKT003G

Total Price: $28.00

Aquatics Shipping Kit #3 - 15" x 11" x 7"

This kit contains everything you need to ship multiple larger coral frags, multiple larger fish or multiple other species.

Dimensional weight: 9 pounds

Shipping: One Penny!* to anywhere in the continental United States

*Additional surcharge will apply to Alaska and Hawaii

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Aquatic Shipping Kit #3 includes:

  • 15" x 11" x 7" box with 3/4" white foam insulation
  • Two 8" x 15" - .002 fish bags
  • Two 16" x 28" - .002 fish bags
  • Four 10" x 18" - .002 fish bags
  • Eight small rubber bands for fish bags
  • 72 Hour heat packs
  • 8 oz. cold pack
  • Self adhering label pouch
  • Please allow 7 to 10 Days for processing and Fedex Ground delivery
  • Includes a Lacey Act / IATA compliance label