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Shipping and Tracking Questions

Why should I ship with ShipYourAquatics rather than directly with FedEx?

We don't claim to be better than FedEx — they are the worldwide shipping leader — but we offer valuable benefits to our customers who are shipping aquatics:

1) We are FedEx certified to ship live aquatics. When you ship with us, you don't have to go through the FedEx certification process. 

2) With us, you can ship to and from residential addresses. Standard FedEx aquatics certifications only allow business-to-business shipping.

3) Our optional ShipYourAquatics Insurance covers the cost of shipments that arrive late. FedEx offers no refunds or insurance for live shipments.

4) We provide awesome customer support. We are experts in live shipping. 

5) When you ship with ShipYourAquatics, you pay at least 30 percent less than FedEx retail rates. Ship with a higher volume, get an even better rate!

Book A Shipment today!

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How do I contact customer service?

We’re here to help.

Phone: 303-730-2125
Fax: 303-347-0400

If you’re very patient, you can write a letter. Hey, you should FedEx it to us:
Customer Service

9220 Teddy Lane
Unit 2000
Lone Tree CO 80124

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What can you ship through

You cannot ship illegal drugs, batteries, liquor, aerosols, firearms and ammunition, fireworks, explosives, mammals (no dogs, no cats), birds, dry ice and absolutely no venomous reptiles. is approved for the shipping of live aquatics and aquatics supplies to and from business and residential addresses.

You must follow all Shipping Standards.

You must also follow all FedEx rules and restrictions. For more details, see this section of the FedEx site:

 • FedEx Express Terms & Conditions

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How do I email a shipping label?

 You can email a shipping label quickly and easily.

Once your shipment has been booked, you may print and/or e-mail the label at any time up to 30 days after booking. 

Sign into your account and click on “My Account” and then “Order history.” 

This will open a page with list of all booked shipments under your account. Select the Booked Shipment you wish to e-mail the associated label from by clicking on the “View order details” link. 

From your Booking Overview page access the label by clicking on the “Print / Download 4x6 Shipping Label” box

This will bring you to your label.

PC USERS: If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer simply right click on the shipping label image and select “E-mail Picture” from the drop down list and then send to the recipient. If a window appears asking to resize the attachment, select “Keep the original size”. If you are using Chrome you will right click on the label and select "Save Image As..." and give the image a name and select where you want the file saved. Then locate the file and right click on it and click "Send to > Mail Recipient" and send your email.

MAC USERS: Go to “Print” and then click on the “PDF” button from the print screen (lower left corner) and select “Mail PDF” and then send to recipient. Alternatively, "Save as PDF" to your desktop, and attach it to your email at will. 

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Species that are considered illegal, invasive or otherwise restricted

You may be breaking the law if you ship live species that are considered illegal, invasive or otherwise restricted by state or local authorities.

Penalties can be steep, and there is no legal protection for not knowing.

So do your homework!

To get started, call the destination's local U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service or United States Department of Agriculture office. These links will help you reach the right office:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service office directory

United States Department of Agriculture service center locator

For information about invasive species, check out United States Department of Agriculture National Invasive Species Information Center.

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Can I ship packages to Hawaii?

Hawaii has strict restrictions on live imports. These restrictions include:

  • Absolutely no reptiles.
  • Limited aquatic species.
  • Limited plants.
  • And more.

Check the Hawaii Department of Agriculture's Importing Plants, Animals and Microorganisms to Hawaii pages for more info.

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Can I use dry ice?


Using this site, you cannot ship a package containing dry ice.

Dry ice is classified as a hazardous material by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). It requires specialized packaging and identification that are not offered through

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Are there any guidelines for packaging my shipment?

Always follow these general packaging guidelines:

  • Use a rigid box with flaps intact. If using your own supplies, your box must be rated at least 275lb burst strength, and include at least 3/4" thick insulation panels.
  • Remove any labels, hazardous materials indicators, and other previous and now irrelevant shipment markings from the box.
  • Use adequate cushioning material.
  • Use strong tape designed for shipping. DO NOT USE DUCT TAPE, SCOTCH TAPE OR MASKING TAPE to seal your package.
  • Do not use string or paper over-wrap.
  • Use a single address label with clear, complete delivery and return information.
  • Place a duplicate address label inside the package.

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Are live animals safe on FedEx planes?


The cargo areas FedEx uses to carry ShipYourAquatics shipments are pressurized, and their temperatures are kept between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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How do I send a package with

We did our best to make the site simple and straight forward. But here are the three basic steps:

  1. Create your label.

    Click the Book A Shipment button or tab. Enter the necessary shipping and payment information.

  2. Print your label
    After you confirm your purchase, we will email your receipt and shipping label to you. You must print the shipping label within 30 days—it does not expire, but can only be used once. If you’re ready to print your shipping label, click the Print Shipping Label Now button.

  3. Give FedEx your shipment.
    You have two choices-

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Should I require a signature for delivery?

We do not recommend you require a signature for delivery of live aquatics, but this is your own individual choice.

If the recipient is not available to accept the Signature Required package from the FedEx driver, the package will go back onto the truck for later delivery, most likely the following day.

In the case of live aquatics, it is preferable to have the driver leave the package at the address — in a location that’s protected from weather and extreme cold or heat.

NOTE: Be sure your customer/recipient is alert, ready, and watching for the imminent arrival of their package.

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Should I schedule a FedEx pickup?

That's up to you. There are pros and cons of having a FedEx driver pick up your package at your address.


- You don't have to take your package anywhere.

- The driver, a FedEx professional, will take your package without question.


- You must be available to hand your package to the driver. Your package will generally be picked up in a 3 hour window that you choose when scheduling the pickup.

To schedule a FedEx driver pickup, call 303-730-2125 x1. Staff from ShipYourAquatics will ask you some basic questions then set up your FedEx pickup for you.

NOTE: When you call to schedule a pickup, be sure to tell us which FedEx shipping service (Priority Overnight, 2Day, Express Saver, Ground or Home Delivery) you are using. That way we can make sure the right truck gets sent to your location.

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How and where can I drop off my package?

We recommend dropping your package off at a FedEx Hub (known as "FedEx Ship Center" on the FedEx site). There are plenty of these locations, and they are generally convenient to where you live. This makes them perfect for afternoon drop offs.

  • Your package should be all taped up and ready to ship, and the prepaid shipping label should be securely fastened to the top. Your FedEx/Lacey/IATA referral note should be taped next to your shipping label.

  • Call SYA to verify how late you can drop off your package at the chosen location.

You can find your nearest FedEx drop-off location here.

NOTE: We recommend dropping your package off at a FedEx Hub/FedEx Ship Center NOT a "FedEx Office"  or "FedEx Authorized Ship Center". You want the actual FedEx facility, not a FedEx Office/Kinko's or Pak Mail type spot. A simple filter trick to find ONLY the actual FedEx facilities is to use this link and use the Filter to "Ship dangerous goods". Aquatics aren't "dangerous goods" but this filter will return ONLY the actual FedEx facility hubs.

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FedEx Office has refused to accept my live shipment. What can I do?

FedEx Office (formerly known as Kinko's) locations have the right to refuse live animal shipments. Different locations may or may not enforce this policy.

If you are turned away, use this search form at to search for a FedEx Ship Center (our recommendation, the actual FedEx facility) or Office Max near you. Office Max locations have a FedEx counter and seldom turn away shipments.

Or contact us at 303-730-2125. We'll help you find another location, or we'll schedule a FedEx driver to pick up your package from your location.

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I called FedEx, and they said they don't ship live animals.

If you call or walk into a FedEx facility and ask if you can ship live aquatics, they may tell you no. This is correct in most cases.

It takes a special FedEx account to allow shipping of live aquatics through the FedEx system. FedEx offers a Live Aquatics Certification that you have to pass in order to ship live aquatics. This can be a time consuming process. ShipYourAquatics has a specially created FedEx account that not only allows for the shipping of live aquatics, but specifically allows for SYA third-party shipping of live aquatics.

When you book a live aquatics shipment through the ShipYourAquatics site, you will be shipping under the ShipYourAquatics FedEx certification. When using the ShipYourAquatics site, you are agreeing to meet our Shipping Standards, including temperature parameters and packaging requirements that meet the FedEx standards. 

In addition, ShipYourAquatics allows for shipping to and from residential addresses (which is not allowed under the typical FedEx Live Aquatics account). Our Priority Overnight rate starts at 30% off the FedEx retail rate.

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How do I get FedEx to pick up my package?

If you want a FedEx driver to pick up your package at your location, call or email us at 303-730-2125 or

We can schedule a same-day pickup if you make your request before 12 noon your time.

For pickup on the next day or any date after that, simply indicate the date and a 3-hour window in the afternoon that fits your schedule.

Please be watching and ready for the driver’s arrival.
Note: The pickup fee is $5.

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How can I track my package?

FedEx uses a tracking number to identify and track every shipment as it moves through the system to its destination.

When you book a shipment with, we give you that package’s tracking number, both on screen and via email.

To track the progress of your shipment, simply go to, enter your tracking number in the box that says “Enter Tracking Number” and hit the “Track with FedEx” button.

This will send you to the FedEx site, where you’ll get all the information you need.

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How can I look at my shipping history?

It’s easy to peruse the shipments you’ve sent through

From, log into your account. Go to My Account, then follow the links from there.

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Why do you want my package weight and dimensions?

FedEx bases its transportation charges on three things:

  1. Service. For example, FedEx Priority Overnight. 
  2. Distance. The farther you send something, the more it costs.
  3. Weight/Size. The heavier/larger something is, the more it costs.

Weight can be determined in two ways:

  1. The actual weight. Put your box on a scale. 2.9 lbs. Easy.
  2. Dimensional weight. This might seem tricky, but it’s actually pretty simple. FedEx multiplies the package length x width x height, then divides by 139. That number is your package’s dimensional weight. (UPS uses the exact same calculation)

Example: Length 12" x Width 12" x Height 9" / 139 = 9.32 lbs.

FedEx looks at your package’s actual weight and dimensional weight then uses the heavier of the two, rounded up to the nearest whole number. So your package bills as 10 pounds.

If you could ship that same animal/item in a 12" x 9" x6" box, one of our most popular box sizes, dimensional weight is only 5 pounds. A 5-pound box will be MUCH less expensive to ship than a 10-pound box. Always use the smallest box you can safely and responsibly use. The larger the box, the more expensive it will be to ship!

Read this note: They measure your package with lasers. If they determine your package is bigger than you said it was, they will charge an adjustment fee—then we’ll charge you that adjustment fee. So measure twice. How to avoid adjustment fees.

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How do I avoid additional charges?

When you enter inaccurate information, FedEx charges us an additional fee—then we charge you that fee. You'll see it on your credit card statement. This isn’t fun for any of us, and it’s worth avoiding.

Incorrect address charges

When FedEx attempts to deliver your package, but it turns out to be the wrong address, or the address doesn’t exist, they get annoyed. And they charge extra.

Please double-check your addresses and enter them accurately. 3911 Norwood Drive is not the same as 391 Norwood Drive, nor 3913 Norwood Drive, nor 3911 Norwood Avenue. The 80123 zip code is not the same as the 80128 zip code.

Each of those variations will incur an address correction fee of $16.00, which we will charge to your credit card. Please double check your address info for 100% accuracy.

Dimensional weight charges

FedEx measures your package with lasers, and if they determine your package is bigger than you said—bam!—additional fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The measurements shown on your box, say 12x9x6 inches, indicate the internal size of the box. This is the standard used by the packaging industry. However, FedEx measures the external size of the box, and they round up to the nearest inch. FedEx may measure our popular 12x9x6 box as 12x9x7 inches—and that's what they charge for.

Measure the outside of your sealed box accurately. Round up to the nearest inch. Enter your information correctly. Measure twice. Double-check your work. Seriously.

Incorrect Weight charges

Incorrect Weight shipping charge corrections occur when the weight of a package is greater than the weight indicated at the time of shipping, or it's greater than the dimensional weight (see above).

To avoid Incorrect Weight shipping charge corrections, use any standard scale and round up any fraction of a pound to the next full pound. Enter that number into the interface—accurately, please.

Large and/or heavy packages

A package is considered a "large package" when its length plus its girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] exceeds 130 inches, but does not exceed the FedEx maximum size of 165 inches.

If your package is considered large, FedEx will add a large package surcharge of $90 and bill the shipping amount for a 90-pound package, regardless of your package's actual weight.

TIP: When you measure your package, be sure to measure the bulges. Bulges will push some larger boxes over the limit.


Packages with an actual weight of more than 150 pounds, or that exceed 119 inches in length, or exceed a total of 165 inches in length and girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)], as measured to determine their billable weight, are not accepted for transportation.

Additional handling charges

Additional Handling applies to the following:

  • Any article that is encased in an outside shipping container made of metal or wood
  • Any cylindrical item, such as a barrel, drum, pail, or tire, that is not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container
  • Any package with the longest side exceeding 60 inches or its second-longest side exceeding 30 inches
  • Any package with an actual weight greater than 70 pounds

FedEx also reserves the right to assess the Additional Handling Charge for any package that, at their sole discretion, requires special handling.

So there. Don’t try anything funny. If FedEx charges an additional handling charge, charges you that additional handling charge. It’s not fun, but it’s fair.

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What are your return and refund policies?

Shipping services

If you have not shipped a package using your shipping label, we can void your label and issue you a refund. Contact us with your tracking number.

Shipping supplies

We guarantee your satisfaction. To get a refund, you must notify us of your dissatisfaction and return the purchased materials within 14 days of your purchase. We will refund the price of your purchased products. You are responsible for the cost of returning those products. Contact us with your order number.

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What are your shipping rates for shipping supplies?

All shipping supplies are sent to you via FedEx Ground. Contact us for expedited air shipping.

Shipping kits - $9.50 each

Orders up to $49.99 - $10.75

Orders $50 to $69.99 - $13.95

Orders $70 to $89.99 - $14.95

Orders $90 to $109.99 - $15.95

Orders $110 to $149.99 - $19.95

Orders $150 to $249.99 - $25.95

Orders $250 to $299.99 - $32.95

Orders $300 to $349.99 - $37.95

Orders $350 to $399.99 - $45.95

Orders $400 to $499.99 - $59.95

Orders $500 to $599.99 - $69.95

Orders $600 to $699.99 - $85.95

Orders $700 to $799.99 - $95.95

Orders $800 to $899.99 - $115.95

Orders $900+ - $125.95

If you have an unusually bulky, heavy, or extra large order, feel free to call for a custom shipping quote directly, we may be able to save you money compared to the standard flat fee structure. We reserve the right to change shipping rates at any time.

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When will my package arrive?

If you have already booked your Priority Overnight label, the guaranteed time of arrival (GTA) will be displayed in the lower right quadrant of the label, as shown. For most addresses, your Priority Overnight package will arrive by 10:30 a.m. Tuesday through Friday. There is NO DELIVERY on Saturday or Sunday. DO NOT send a live aquatics package on Friday; it will not arrive until Monday, and that is not acceptable.

Note: In some outlying areas, Priority Overnight packages are delivered by noon. In really rural areas, Priority Overnight packages are delivered by 4:30pm, or end of the day.

To check on the guaranteed time of arrival (GTA) for your destination, you can use the Free/Quick Quote feature on our home page. You'll also find the GTA listed during the booking process for your label. And lastly, you'll see it printed on the label itself.

Businesses often have morning drop-offs. If morning delivery is essential, consider sending your package to a business address.

When you're shipping live aquatics, it's important that your recipient be available to receive your package, no matter when it arrives.

  • If you require delivery confirmation, the recipient must be alert, ready and waiting for the FedEx driver. You do not want the package going back onto the truck for delivery the next day.
  • If you do not require delivery confirmation, tell your recipient to check the front and back doors, the porch—all around the house—to make sure the package doesn't sit outside. 

Special note for Alaska

Because of its remoteness and limited FedEx services, certain zip codes in Alaska require one or more additional days for pickup and delivery of overnight shipments.

To make absolutely sure you are not sending a package to one of these locations, we recommend pre-determining the guaranteed delivery date and time by going to FedEx Rates & Transit Tool and entering the ZIP code you intend to ship to. By selecting “Get quick quote” you will know if additional time will be required to deliver your package.  

You can also contact our customer service department at 303-730-2125 or for any help you may need on this.

Note: Don't forget your heat or cold packs!

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Does FedEx pick up or deliver on holidays?

In general, no. Please plan your shipments around the FedEx Holiday Schedule.

FedEx observes these holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day

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How long is my shipping label good for?

The ShipYourAquatics system assumes the day you create your label is the day you will be shipping. However, you can print your label any time within 30 days of booking your shipment. Once your label has been printed, it does not expire. It can be used any time, but it can only be used once.

Do not worry about the date on the label. The label does not become "active" until it's scanned by FedEx. The tracking info will update as soon as FedEx scans the label.

Note: If you book your label before the day you will be shipping, please be sure to check the top of the ShipYourAquatics home page on the day of shipping (before you ship) for any warnings or restrictions.  

Note: If you do not print your label within 30 days of creating it, contact us at or 303-730-2125 x1. We will issue a refund for the unused label. You can then create a new label. You must contact us within 30 days to receive a refund on an unused label.

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How do I get my shipment held at a FedEx facility?

If you want to have your package held for pickup at a FedEx facility, be sure to enter "FedEx Ship Center" in the Organization field and "HOLD AT FACILITY" in the second address field, like this:

You must ship to a FedEx staffed facility, NOT an "Authorized Ship Center" or FedEx Office/Kinko's location. Shipping to a FedEx Office/Kinko's location may get your package delivery refused.

You can find your nearest FedEx facility location here.

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How can I tell which hub my package will be routed through?

Do you wonder what hub your FedEx package will be routed through? You can decode your routing with this label insight!

The first character in the routing code indicates which hub the package will be routed through. "X" indicates the package will be routed through the main hub in Memphis, TN. "N" indicates Indianapolis, IN. Packages staying within the state are indicated by a numeric character. 

There are also smaller regional hubs- "A" is Ft. Worth, TX. "W" is Oakland, CA. "Q" is one of the Los Angeles area hubs. "E" is Newark, NJ.

(Packages can sometimes be rerouted for expediency, so this is about 98% accurate. There is no way to check this routing information until you book your label.)

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What about the FedEx money back guarantee?

FedEx does not offer shipping refunds for late arrival for live shipments. In fact, refunds for live shipments are specifically exempted in the Live Aquatics Certification agreement:

"Company agrees to waive any right to receive adjustments, refunds or credits under the Money Back Guarantee Policy as defined in the FedEx Service Guide in effect at the time of shipment."

If you are FedEx certified to ship live animals, you will find similar wording in your FedEx contract. It is against FedEx policy to issue a credit or refund for a shipment containing any live animal. 

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Doesn't Delta Cargo offer live arrival insurance?

No, they do not. This is a common misconception among shippers of aquatics, reptiles and other high-value animals.

When you ship with Delta Cargo (aka Delta DASH), you can enter a declared value -- for which you pay extra -- but this declared value is only useful when have to file a claim with your own insurance company. Delta Cargo does not provide live arrival insurance. Delta Cargo does not cover your loss for a DOA shipment. 

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Doesn't FedEx normally ship live aquatics to residential addresses?


ShipYourAquatics provides an approved way to ship live animals to and from residences with FedEx. Typical FedEx-certified animal shippers are operating under the standard FedEx Live Aquatics Certification. This standard agreement says the following:

"Company acknowledges that all shipments tendered to FedEx under this Agreement are for Business to Business delivery only. No residential deliveries are allowed under this agreement."

The unique agreement between ShipYourAquatics and FedEx specifically allows shipments of live animals to and from residential addresses.

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Why did you charge my credit card/Paypal account after my package shipped?

We charge you based on the information you provide when you book a shipment.

FedEx charges us based on their measurements. If your package measures larger or heavier than you entered, or if your shipment incurs additional charges such as address corrections or additional handling, FedEx charges us additional fees. 

When we receive the invoice from FedEx (often a week or more after your shipment), we charge you for these additional fees.

To minimize these additional fees, please make sure you're entering accurate information.

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How do I update my credit card info?

From time to time you'll need to update your billing address, card number, expiration date or CSC code. This is easy to do:

  • Log in to your account.
  • On the left side of the page, under "Manage Your Account," click "Stored Payment Methods."
  • Click "Edit" under the credit card you want to update.
  • Update the information and click "Update Payment Method." To avoid declined charges, make sure the address listed on your card matches the address your bank has on file.

If you must update your card info while you are booking a shipment, you have to leave the shipping process, update the card info then start booking your shipment over again.

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What is your Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

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What are your Terms & Conditions?

Our Terms & Conditions can be found here.

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What if I'm shipping to Alaska?

Because of the remoteness of some areas, Alaska has limited FedEx service. Some locations require one or more additional days for Priority Overnight shipping, and there are some locations that FedEx does not provide service for. 

Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugiak, Kenai, Soldotna, and Homer have true overnight shipping, meaning that a shipment to a zip code within one of these cities will arrive in one business day.

For any other city, you should make sure that Priority Overnight service is available before shipping. You can pre-determine the guaranteed delivery date and time by going to FedEx Rates & Transit Tool and entering the ZIP code you intend to ship to. By selecting “Get quick quote” you will know if additional time will be required to deliver your package or if FedEx Priority Overnight service is unavailable. 

Find “Priority Overnight” under the “Services” column, and look to the left under the “Delivery Date/Time" Column. If this states “delivery date unavailable” this means that FedEx does not provide overnight service for this zip code and your package should not be shipped through FedEx/ShipYourAquatics. If you run a Quick Quote at and the transit time for Priority Overnight is listed as “N/A” this also indicates that FedEx does not service the zip code you are shipping to.  

If you ship to a location in Alaska that is not serviced Overnight/Next Day by FedEx, this falls outside of ShipYourAquatics Terms of Service and insurance coverage, if available, will not be valid.

If you have any questions about whether FedEx services address you are shipping to, please contact ShipYourAquatics Customer Service at 303-730-2125 or

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